Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Product Review

Nobody asked but I'm just going to weigh in on a new product I tried this morning. So, I saw on The Biggest Loser a little plug for the Yoplait Smoothie mix that you could make at home. It sounded really cool to me and a great option for breakfast. Well, I bought it and tried it and am sadly disappointed. First of was entirely too expensive for what you get and I expected to get some protein in this smoothie that would take me through the morning, that's a negative too. Plus, it just doesn't taste nearly as good as I had hoped.
So, I'm just saying, I'm disappointed by the overall "performance" of this product.


Emily said...

Glad you posted this. I've been wanting to try them! Not anymore, I guess...

Jenna said...

Good to know! I wanted to try them but when I picked it up in the store the bag felt like it just had a few pieces of frozen fruit in it...I could spend less and get a whole bag of frozen strawberries!:) I keep looking for your posts to see if your little man has arrived yet!