Saturday, April 10, 2010

Just Released Exercise Video

Growing Up is Hard to Do (for a Daddy anyway)

Since moving into our new neighborhood where we have an 18-acre lake, Jared has been talking about getting a little boat for the lake. I've not been real keen on the idea mainly because it requires a place to store something. However, today Jared got something that made us both happy; an inflatable boat. He could not have been more excited and as it turns out Kati Ann loved it as much as he did. They had so much fun going out on the lake rowing the boat.

Flowers in our "Garden"

Today was a beautiful day to plant flowers in our "garden." It just so happens that apparently planting flowers is dangerous work and requires a helmet. Here is some of our work!

Easter Egg Hunt

Our church does a FABULOUS Easter Egg Hunt for the preschoolers the day before Easter every year. This year was very fun though they had to move the "party" inside because of rain. They incorporated a puppet show which was actually the highlight for Kati Ann and she got to be there with two of her favorite friends, Katie Bug and Addison.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Last Date Night with just the Two of Them

Last night was my monthly Bunco night with the girls. Jared & Kati Ann love Bunco nights because they go on "dates". They usually try out some eatery they haven't tried before. Last night they tried a Mexican food place I had never heard of and then went to pick out flowers for the flower bed. Kati Ann has been wanting to plant "purple flowers" in our "garden" so they had fun shopping for flowers. They finished the night with Kati Ann getting a bubble bath! She thought it was great.
I reminded Jared before I left that this would be their last Bunco date night just the two of them. By the time I go to Bunco again there will be three of them going on a date!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Afternoon with Daddy

The Spring weather has been absolutely beautiful. Jared played golf Monday morning and Kati Ann wanted to know where her daddy was. When I told her he was playing golf, she told me she wanted to play golf with Daddy. So, when Jared got home and Kati Ann got up from her nap the two of them went outside and played golf. The two of them are so crazy about each other.