Friday, March 5, 2010

Blessed Be the Name of the Lord

Disclaimer: Be prepared for the longest post I've probably ever done: Feel free not to read it but I just had to document this God-story of God's faithfulness in our lives!

This past week has reminded me of Job and the fact that the Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away, Blessed Be The Name of the Lord! It all came to a head within the last 24 hours of the realization of just how under attack we were as a family. I was grateful for the Holy Spirit continually putting Scripture in my head and heart as I walked through this time of trial and testing.
In the big scheme of things, our troubles were minor but being 8 months pregnant and so far away from our family made the following events a bit overwhelming.
It started at 9:15 p.m. Thursday night, Kati Ann began throwing up and continued to do so the entire night. She thankfully felt much better by the next morning. I spent most of Friday "lysoling" and washing sheets and everything that had been touched by germs to try to get the yucky bug out of our house.
We had a nice weekend and Jared had the opportunity to preach at Willowbrook Sunday. He preached 4 services and was completely worn out. I was super proud of him. He's my favorite preacher!
We began our week on Monday quite normally (pretty worn out from Sunday). However, as we started to bed that night, I began to feel bad and proceeded to repeat Kati Ann's performance from Thursday night. Jared was so good to take KA on Tuesday so I could rest and I did just that. Now, Tuesday is my usual grocery shopping/errand running day so I kinda missed it. Doesn't seem like a problem but just keep reading.
So by Wednesday morning, I was feeling much better (not 100% but good enough) but something had hit Jared. Jared tends to get the same upper respiratory junk every time but we both seemed to think this seemed different. Since it was Wednesday and a big church day, Jared worked and did his "church" thing feeling awful. By Thursday, he was really bad. So, he went to the dr. and found out he had the flu. The pharmacists said it was the first case they had seen in 6 weeks (lucky us).
So, here's where the fun starts!! Because I had missed my regular shopping trip on Tuesday, I shopped Thursday after doing all my usual stuff (for someone 8 months pregnant adding one thing wears me completely out). So, I was already worn out when KA went and picked up the Rx and came home that evening. We did our normal bed time routine and I got her in bed. I finally got into bed and relaxed for the first time all day. I was just settling in (which includes medicine to keep my from throwing up and knocks me out) when:
--our dog, Billie throws up all over our King Size comforter. I take the comforter off and start it in the washer and get us another blanket
--I settle back into bed and begin to hear this terrible noise from the washer so I got and readjusted the comforter in the washer and let started it again
--I settle back into bed and hear the noise again coming from the washer...this time I decided to deal with it in the morning and just lifted the lid on the washer to stop it
--As I walked back to our bedroom I heard a noise down stairs...I went to check it out and discovered our washing machine (which is upstairs) was flooding our downstairs breakfast area (FLOODING!) So, I get Jared (who is barely functioning with the flu) and we get a pot and somehow after about (I don't know how long) got it to a drip that we left for the night.
--we go to sleep and I wake up about 3 something hearing Billie (who is now in her crate) whining...I let her out and Jared was having insomnia due to the TamiFlu and was already downstairs. He let her out and back in and she immediately came back in got under the covers (in our bed) and threw up. So, I get up change the sheets, get back in bed and realize it had gone through to the mattress pad and was still "wet". Well at this point, I'm running out of linens and patience so I put a towel in the bed and tried to go back to sleep. That didn't happen for quite awhile. Finally I fell asleep around 4:45.
--Our precious, daughter is just like her father and was up at 5:45. She went to the top of the stairs and called to her daddy (who was still downstairs). He came to get her, picked her up, and proceeded to fall down the stairs. I don't think it had to do with the flu but he thinks its from having socks on the wood floor. Fortunately KA didn't get hurt but Jared hurt his tailbone (I'm praying not permanently).
--I jumped from the bed (keep in mind still big, 8 months pregnant) and tried to take care of everyone.
So, before we ever got up this morning, I thought, Wow!! God is up to something!! He obviously wants to show off because I simply can't do this day on my own. My faithful Provider, Lord and Friend sustained me through this day! I am so blessed with so much and sometimes we get so caught up with our blessings we forget our need for God!! I am so in need. I CANNOT do it on my own.