Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas in Texas

As usual, we made what I've begun to call our Nomadic Adventure to Texas for the holidays.  Jared refers to it as the Tour of Texas but either way it involves a lot of driving but some sweet times with friends and family.

Our first stop was to see our dear friends the Funderburks.  We served alongside the Funderburks on staff when we served in Nacogdoches, TX.  Regina and I have a special bond with one another.  To type that so quickly makes it seem flippant but it is something both of us cherish.  The Funderburks now serve on the mission field in China and have recently adopted two beautiful twins from Ethiopia.  I fell in love with Esther and Eden and we enjoyed sweet time with the rest of the Funderburk crew

Jared with sweet Eden
my precious Regina

Our next stop was on to Bryan to spend time with my family.  When we got there my MiMi was in the hospital so we visited her.  We also got to spend some time with my Marcus and Holly as well as my cousins and aunts and uncles.  It is always sweet to be with our large, loud family.
These two kinda love each other

There is nothing like enjoying my dad's bread when we're together

KA was a big help opening presents (as always)

Kie and I feeding the fish

A beautiful C6 Ranch sunset

Jared & the kids went and helped feed every morning & had stories to share!

Kie got a few tractors!

From Bryan we made a stop in Beaumont where Jared preached at LaBelle Baptist Church.  It was a sweet little church out in the middle of nowhere!  We traveled from Beaumont to Carthage to see Jared's family.  We made sweet memories including opening our presents in the dark.  We lost power early Christmas morning and didn't get it back until almost lunch time.  It was fun (and maybe a bit challenging) but who are we to complain about a little electricity as we open gifts that represent our abundance.
Note my father-in-law holding the flashlight behind Jared

Note the candles

Jake's ship is just as fun in the dark!

We are so blessed.  Christmas is exhausting but so worth it to spend time with our families.  We are always glad to be home and what a blessing it is to have a place to come home to.