Saturday, October 16, 2010

Future Heirloom?

Jared & I had the most fun date last night. We went to a "couples" painting class. The class is designed for the general public and on couples nights you paint canvases that are meant to hang together. We had a really good time. After the evening was over, I thought about what those paintings might represent one day. I hope there comes a day when our children will be able to see these paintings hanging on the wall and know how much their parents love each other. They will remember how their daddy was always intentional about "dating" their momma. I hope these paintings will hang in one of their homes one day as a reminder of the love their parents shared that translated into a love for them. Maybe its wishful thinking to think these paintings will mean that much to them but that's what they will represent for me. I will hang them on our wall and as I walk by them be reminded how blessed I am to be married to my best friend and how together we are unfolding the story God has written for our lives!

Our painting (Jared's on the left, Bobi Ann's on the right)

The two of us in our smocks!