Thursday, August 5, 2010

Our Sweet Girl

Dear Kati Ann,
I don't tell you enough how much I appreciate what a precious child you are. You have a genuine love for life. Even at the age of 3, you are fun to hang out with. Just last night, the two of us laid in my bed and giggled when you should have been going to sleep.
You are such a big helper with your little brother and one day will be an amazing mother yourself. You are very nurturing!
God made you so special! He knew you before you were born. He loves you more than Daddy & I do (which is hard for us to imagine).
We pray daily that God will turn your heart to Him and give you a love for Him. We pray that He will guide us as we try to guide you to be a godly young lady. We won't get it all right, Sweet One, but we trust God to get it right!
We love you so much!! Thank you for giving us joy beyond what we could have dreamed!

Monday, August 2, 2010

On to meet the rest of the Family

Our first stop on the way to Bryan was to meet Uncle Marcus aka "Boppy". Marcus works in Buffalo so we stopped by his office and I got to see where he works and he got to meet his nephew. Kie was pretty fond of his Boppy and of course Kati Ann loves to see her Boppy.

After seeing Marcus, we headed to Bryan to meet my MiMi & Daday. My MiMi was beside herself with excitement. She couldn't stand it. We joked (sort of) that she wouldn't notice the rest of us were there until maybe a hour after we arrived. Her primary interest was her newest great-grandson and Kati Ann ran a close second!
MiMi even shared (reluctantly) with Daday!