Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A Little Getaway!

Jared has been taking a doctoral class in Nashville at the beginning of this week and since it was Spring Break, Kati Ann & I decided to tag along. Jared got us a fabulous hotel walking distance from all kinds of great things and an indoor swimming pool!! That was definitely the most favorite part. KA loves to swim and it was good for me too. Another of KA's favorites was her new swim suit with "B-bella" on it. She lovingly refers to all the princesses as "B-bella."

Too Silly Not to Share

There is no question in my mind who Kati Ann takes after. I mean, I can be silly but this chid is so much like her daddy it is scary sometimes. I say that with absolute no complaints. I pray that our Kie will be like his daddy too. Kati Ann has some of her daddy's best qualities and is quite silly! She found these 3-D glasses in Jared's office and immediately put them on. She knew she looked funny before we even responded!