Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A Cinderella Story

One VERY excited little girl!

About 6 months ago, Kati Ann began telling me that Cinderella was going to come to her house. I don't know where she got the idea but every once in awhile she would bring it up again. So, when we found out that one of our sweet students, Abbie Worley, was dressing as Cinderella for Halloween, I asked her if she would come to our house as Cinderella for Kati Ann. She was supposed to come the week before Halloween but due to a tornado our plans changed and she wasn't able to come until after Halloween.
Kati Ann saw "Cinderella" at the Fall Festival and I had her invite Cinderella over. It was very sweet having her ask Cinderella to come play. Cinderella came over and played with Kati Ann for about 45 minutes. She brought her a Cinderella Christmas ornament and a Gigi's Princess cupcake. It was so sweet. Kati Ann loved playing and showing Cinderella all of her toys!
We are so blessed to have such sweet people in our lives that would love our children the way they do.
I told Jared as Abbie sat and played with her that there can't be too many little girls that have Cinderella actually come to their house and play!

putting together a Cinderella puzzle

playing Potato Heads & putting together Princess Potato!