Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Abby Cadabby in Texas just not in Alabama

The week prior to Halloween, Jared and I had a conference in Dallas and so Kati Ann spent the week with her MiMi & Poppa in Carthage. While there she attended the Fall Festival at their church. The pictures you see are courtesy of MiMi & Poppa. Her grandparents were sweet enough to make an extra effort to bring her back to Huntsville in time for the Fall Festival at our church on Saturday afternoon. After traveling most of the day, they arrived at our house so that Kati Ann could change into her Abby Costume and we could go to the Fall Festival. However, apparently Abby was reserved for Texas alone because she insisted that she would wear her Halloween shirt and not her costume. There are definitely issues that I'm willing to push but wearing a Halloween costume is not one of them. So, it was a battle we chose not to fight and Kati Ann went to the Fall Festival in Huntsville as Kati Ann. We still had a great time. Without the Fall Festival in Carthage we wouldn't have these adorable Abby Cadabby pictures.