Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Mickey Kiss

So, I've recently taught Kati Ann what an "Eskimo Kiss" is. She thinks its great to rub our noses back and forth and she loves to do that with Kie as well.
Around this same time, Kati Ann has gotten interested in Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on the Disney Channel. Somewhere in all this she began referring to "Eskimo kisses" as "Mickey kisses"
It is quite sweet when she asks you for a "Mickey Kiss" or tells me that she gave Kie a "Mickey Kiss".
I want so much to remember all of these funny things she says when I know she'll outgrow them and call things the "right thing"

Monday, May 24, 2010

Got a Blog? Make a Book!

So, my birthday was back in April and I got some money for my birthday. I sometimes have a hard time thinking of something I'd really like to use my money on that I wouldn't normally buy for myself. So, I really gave it some thought and decided to publish my blog! I used Blog2Print and was very satisfied with the final product. I decided to do my books in years so I could yearly publish the previous year's blogs and so they could be better organized.
My blog is something I do for our family and friends that are far away but it also something I do to keep a record of the memories we're making so one day our children will have something to enjoy. They will be able to read some of my thoughts regarding their development and our lives as they grew up. So, I thought it natural that I make it into a book that they could keep.