Tuesday, September 13, 2011


We live in a neighborhood under construction. Our neighborhood has 170 lots and we were the 10th house so, we've lived with construction since the beginning and will continue to for quite a while. They are finally building a house right next door to us. They had to bring in about 8 truck loads of dirt for this lot. After they grated it, the kids discovered it was a great place to take a shovel and dig. They wanted to sit in the clean grass but dig in the dirty dirt. It was good "dirty" fun!

The Letter "O"

This week, Kati Ann's class studied the letter "O". Kati Ann was supposed to bring a snack for the whole class that started with "O" so we decided to my Octupuses. It was a fun project that Kati Ann could help with. Kati Ann put the legs on the bodies and I drew on the faces. It was lots of fun.

Morning at the Park

We had a beautiful morning of weather and it was a perfect day to go to the park. Its fun with both kids big enough to really enjoy playing. As soon as we pulled up to the park, Kie about came out of his seat with excitement.

In the Dog House

We went over to some of our sweet friend's house and they have a large dog with a large crate. Kie discovered the crate and just climbed on in. Honor, the dog, didn't know what to think about a little boy in his house!

Cap Day

Last week, they studied the letter C at school and had Cap Day. Here is a cute girl with her cap.