Friday, August 9, 2013

An Open Letter to my Daughter

Dear Kati Ann,
Today we received a private tour of your new school.  It was unplanned and just another example of how God is in the details of preparing all 4 of us for this new chapter of our life.
Words are not sufficient to tell you how much I treasure the chapter we're closing.  You introduced me to love like I had never known.  I have never been so tired, so spent or so drained at any other time in my life than when I became a mom.  However, I have never been so blessed, so full and so grateful at any other time.  We are closing the chapter of our life when you receive almost entirely all of your influence from your dad and me.  We're not done but now our voice and influence will be mixed with other voices and other influences.  Some of those voices, I have prayed for.  I have asked for them because they are necessary for who you will grow and become.   Some of the other voices I am afraid of.  I am afraid because they will be filled with lies and distractions.  Understand, you are not the first child to turn this page, your daddy and I both faced this chapter with our parents so many year ago.  However, you are OUR FIRST child to turn this page.  Your daddy and I want to help you.  We want to be there to help you recognize the difference in the truth and the lies.  But we won't always get it right and neither will you.  You'll hear lies and believe them.  You'll make choices that will cause you to hurt and certainly cause me & Daddy to hurt.  But there is ONE that won't mess up.  There is a voice that will never let you down.  God is always right.  He knows your mistakes, your fears, your frustrations.  You can and should always go to Him.  There are things you won't want to talk to me about and that's okay.  But always talk to HIm.
As we turn the page on this new chapter, know without question that we are so proud of you.  Not because you are perfect but because you are Our's, at least for a little while.
We are your cheerleaders.  We want to dream with you as you dream.  We want to encourage you and cry with you.  We look so forward to all that God  has in store for you.  Trust me, Child, He certainly has a plan for you.  Thank you for being my little princess and loving me and laughing with me and being you.
I'm cutting just a little bit more of those apron strings because my  job is to let you go with every passing day.  You're not gone but you're going...into the next season, the next adventure.  You are treasured, you are loved and you are ready.
Your mom