Monday, January 5, 2009

Yes, we did have Christmas

I know some of you must have wondered whether or not the Allens celebrated Christmas this year since there hasn't been word of it. The answer is yes. We made the tour of Texas and spent a single night in 6 different beds in 6 different places as we tried to make all the rounds. It was taxing with a 20 month old and a mom with a broken arm but we survived. ( I included a picture that shows my shoulder immobilizer so you can have an idea of what I've been wearing.)
We did have a wonderful Christmas and enjoyed getting to see Kati Ann's excitement as she started figuring out this whole Christmas thing.
Unfortunately, Jared didn't make any pictures because he had the camera (I have a broken arm, remember!)

Showing off her new cell phone that came in her stocking

Do you wonder why her mouth is open in so many pictures?

A new magnadoodle from Aunt Kate

Christmas Eve night (I think there are stars in her eyes)

One of two vacuums she got for I really need that much help?

Here's the shoulder immobilizer I have been wearing...lots of fun and an accessory that I've heard others will be getting next Christmas to add to their outfits!

What a blast!!