Saturday, February 7, 2009

Hanging Out with Daddy

I had a baby shower to go to this afternoon and since Jared didn't get to play at the playground yesterday afternoon he and Kati Ann headed to the playground without me. They had a blast which was good because my poor baby is cutting 2-yr molars (hence the drool all over her shirt) and has not felt well.

Beans! Beans! Beans!

Being cooped up during the incredibly cold winter we have had has made us quite creative in our activity inside! We played with pinto beans in our kitchen! I know its crazy but at least we have a broom!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Derek & Kati Ann

This afternoon we were out and the weather was beautiful so I decided to swing by the church and let Kati Ann play on the playground for just a minute. While we were there the Edwards kids showed up to play. We turned out having so much fun together. The boys were so sweet to Kati Ann. Derek (the 4th grader) played with Kati Ann on the grasshopper. I had to get some pictures because they were adorable together!