Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Cute 6 Month Old

Middle School Fall Retreat 2010

Every year since we've been in Huntsville, Kati Ann & I have gone to Fall Retreat with Jared. Here is the post from 2007 and 2008 (apparently I didn't blog about 2009). However, this year, with two kids, I decided it was just too much for me to do "alone" and decided we would just go visit for part of the day on Saturday. Kati Ann had so much fun with the "big kids". She told me she wanted to do it again. She is so comfortable with the students. She just gets right in the middle of them and doesn't feel the need to hang on to me. It is very fun to share in Jared's ministry as a family. It is a rare happening for us with me usually working at the same time as Jared so it is a special treat. It was fun to introduce Kie to this fun annual tradition.
Having fun!

Eating lunch with the "big kids"

My two favorite boys!