Friday, August 8, 2008

Where's Kati Ann's cup?

I looked everywhere for Kati Ann's cup and kept asking Jared, "where is Kati Ann's cup?"  of course he didn't know so finally I just got out a new cup and figured it would show up and sure enough it did.  Kati Ann hid her cup in the dryer and when I went to do some laundry there it was!  Silly girl!

Car Dilemma

Our Mountaineer is sick.  We've taken her to the doctor and the doctor said that she needs a new transmission.  That's bad.  But we're going for a second opinion...we're praying that our car will be healed and that we don't have to face the tough decisions about whether we want to pour money into a car that is losing value because it guzzles so much gas.  
I really don't want another car.  I like my Mountaineer and I don't want to say "goodbye".