Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Ever have one of those days?

I have to laugh...I just got my vehicle back yesterday and we returned to being a 2 car family...aaahhh... luxury. So, I go to get in the car this afternoon to go do something that I would really enjoy and can you guess what happened? That's right it won't start. It won't even turn over. I told Jared what sound it was making and he says its either the starter or alternator. So, thankfully we have roadside assistance and they came and towed my car to a local garage. Hopefully I will get it back soon!! Obviously, God thinks I need to sit at home a little bit more.

My mama is blogging this!

I got Kati Ann this adorable shirt and I tried to take a picture of her with the shirt on. However, the only way I could actually get a picture so you could read the shirt was take a picture of her asleep.

Work For Gas

Kati Ann and I went walking the other day and as we passed by a house and saw this license's plate. It made me think of the different things that we might work for...I think mine is naps. What about you what would you work for? Chocolate, Dr. Pepper, Scrapbooking? With all the negativity with the economy and all I thought it would be fun to hear things that you'd work for.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

New Friend

We went to Maryn's birthday party on Saturday and Kati Ann wasn't feeling her best (she has been cutting her last 1 yr molar) so she wasn't her usual social self. Most of the time she sat in my lap or stayed close to me. However, she asked down to walk around and of course that was fine. So, the next thing I knew she was over in my friend, Marcie's mom's lap. She had never met her before and I had only met her once before. Kati Ann saw her sitting over to the side and thought that she looked like a good lap to sit in and made herself at home. I thought it was precious.