Thursday, April 10, 2008

Japan & so far from my baby girl

Just before leaving, I took this picture of Kati Ann asleep in our bed.  I cried as I knew that I would be leaving this little "piece of heaven" for 10 days.  I knew God had called me so I would go even if part of me wanted to kick and scream all the way there.  However, God has proven Himself faithful as He always done.  My first full day here I got to lead 3 girls to Christ.  This is huge not only b/c 3 more people are secured of their eternal home in heaven but also b/c Japanese overall are very closed to the Gospel or religion of any kind.  Wow!  I would have missed a divine appointment had I given in to my desire to stay.  There are spiritual strongholds that have their claws in the nation of Japan.  So, I'm here as Christ's ambassador to make an appeal for Christ.  We went to this Buddhist temple and prayerwalked.  Wow, is there ever a battle taking place.  Please pray for the next 7 days as we continue to petition for the Japanese and pray the scales will be dropped from their eyes so they may see the true God that desires to save them from the grip Satan has on them.