Saturday, November 22, 2008

Thanks J.Crew

The J. Crew catalog was in our mailbox the other day and as I looked through it I realized that it would be fun for Kati Ann and I to dress a stick figure. We talked about what each piece of clothing was and where they went. I then let her glue the pieces of clothes on our little man. (I helped too) As a girl after my own heart her favorite were the shoes. She can pick out shoes anywhere. She often walks up to people and bends down touches their shoes and says "Shoes!" We even put silly eyes on our dressed man. That was fun!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Our first child

Especially for our friends that have known us before we had Kati Ann you may be wondering about our first child. We seldom talk about her anymore but our Bailey is still as sweet as ever. She is so patient with Kati Ann especially since Kati An loves to say "Bailey, NO!!" and chase her around the house. We're trying to work on "Good Dog, Bailey" It is taking a little work but one day maybe! Bailey is getting a little gray around the eyes but we're so blessed with such a precious family animals included.

First School Craft

Kati Ann brought home her first craft project from school a little over a week ago (I'm a little behind) and as her mother I was thoroughly impressed. Not because she could put stickers on a paper but because of where she put them. Her teachers just handed her the stickers and she got to choose where they went. It looks like the leaves where we live. A few on the trees, a few falling and most on the ground. I am very proud!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Cleaning Pennies

Kati Ann & I tried a fun activity at home today. We cleaned pennies! Yeah, I know...busy work if I've ever done it! But Kati Ann had a lot of fun mixing together vinegar and salt and then throwing in the pennies. She continued to stir the pennies until they were nice and clean!