Saturday, March 31, 2012

Atlanta-Part 2

On Friday we hit the Atlanta Children's Museum. It is absolutely one of the BEST Children's Museums. It was extra special because they had a Clifford exhibit. All 4 of us enjoyed it and all of 4 of us were tired after a morning of interactive fun!

Atlanta-Part 1

For Spring Break, Jared was heading to Costa Rica on a mission trip and me and the kids were heading to Texas. Since, we were going to be apart for several days, we decided it would be fun to take a little family getaway to Atlanta. We picked the kids up from preschool on a Wednesday and drove to Atlanta.
We decided it would be fun to take the Marta Train. It would be a new experience for our kids and Kati Ann really enjoyed it.

Our first stop on Thursday was the Georgia Aquarium. It was so cool. All four of us really enjoyed seeing all the amazing underwater life. It was really fun.

As fun as the aquarium was it was exhausting. The kids BOTH fell asleep as we walked to the Marta train and remained asleep the whole ride back and into the hotel. I placed both of them in the bed in the hotel and we all took a good nap!

Lots of Changes

Quite frankly, I really haven't had time to blog. I mean, I want to but I just haven't had time. The primary reason for lack of time is that our family has experienced some substantial transition in our jobs. Jared & I both have changed positions at our church. For Jared, he has moved from Minister to Middle School students to Minister of Students. He supervises all the student ministries on 3 campuses and leads the High School Ministry on our main campus. It has been an exciting transition for him. It is one that has challenged and stretched him and made him depend more on God.
We were aware of the Jared's transition long before it happened. However, we weren't anticipating a change in position for me. In October, our Women's Ministry director resigned and our pastor and associate pastor asked me to consider the position. At first, I really wanted to say "no." However, God quickly convicted me of my motivation for saying "no." I was very comfortable in my previous position. It fit well with my routine and lifestyle and worked with our family. However, I felt as if God tapped me on the shoulder and whispered, "did I call you to comfortable?" I was on my face before God surrendering my will to His and trusting Him to work out the routine and our family life. It really meant turning over my kids to Him AGAIN. I was afraid that a new position might interfere with parenting my children and though that is a worthy heart was holding on to control instead of giving it to God. So, I agreed to walking through whatever doors God opened (fully anticipating Him to shut them!). Lo and behold, God opened every door and has led me to leading the Women's Ministry at Willowbrook. I have a wonderful staff of 3 women that faithfully support the work of the ministry and keep me "in line"! I am still able to work part-time and love on my kids lots and lots at home. I absolutely love what I do and feel like we're all settling in to our new ministries. I, too, have definitely been stretched and am learning more and more about trusting God in a ministry that is filled with godly women that I have so much to learn from. I'm seeking Him for direction in leading these women when I feel inadequate to do so. He is showing me just how (more than) adequate He is through me. It makes for some exciting times in our lives.
I can't promise that means I'll blog more but I'll try. Mainly, I'll commit to making memories with my family and obeying God's calling to obedience, whatever that means!