Saturday, October 30, 2010

Trick or Treat!

Our church puts on a fantastic Fall Festival every year. Of course the older Kati Ann gets the more she enjoys it! It was fun to dress both kids up in coordinating costumes as the Princess and the Frog. There was lots to do but the highlight was seeing Belle and Cinderella. Kati Ann was enamored by Cinderella. When we got home from the Fall Festival and had supper, Kati Ann thanked God that Belle and Cinderella were there! It was precious!
the best picture we could get with Kati Ann & her princesses!

Kati Ann & Kie with their friend, Reagan aka Snow White
playing on one of the inflatables!

Oh, Where is My Hairbrush?

It doesn't always happen but sometimes Jared will win something at a golf tournament that we all get to enjoy and this was one of those times. Jared won tickets to Veggie Tales LIVE at a Pastor's Golf Tournament. We went thinking we had general admission tickets but got there to find out with had "Gold Circle" tickets which put us on the 2nd row and gave us an opportunity to meet Bob & Larry after the show. It was lots of fun even if Kati Ann likes to call them "Tom & Jerry" instead of "Bob & Larry"!!

Meeting Bob & Larry after the show!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Scarecrow Party

Thursday was Kati Ann's first school party. Jared, Kie and I all came and ate lunch with Kati Ann, did a craft and got to hear her class perform songs for the parents. It was so fun to see her in her "world". She so enjoyed sharing it with us as well.

October 27-6 Months and MaMa's 1st Birthday with Jesus

This past Wednesday marked Kie's 6 month birthday! I can't believe that my "new" baby is 6 months old. He is such a joy to our lives. He has been teething this week so he hasn't been his usual happy self but still is such a sweetie.

At 6 months:
-he is sitting up on his own
-smiling at everyone and laughing
-starting solids for the first time (so far cereal isn't a favorite)
-using the "mmmm" sound (He said "Muh, Muh" and Kati Ann said that he said "Momma" so we're counting it)
-very attached to his momma...he'll deal with someone else but Momma is his preference.

Wednesday was also my grandmother's 84th birthday but her first birthday with Jesus. I know that I am grieving my loss. I find myself thinking of things she would enjoy or telling Kati Ann something about MaMa (like that she could wiggle her ears)! Though I grieve my loss, I rejoice in her gain!