Friday, May 7, 2010

Just Some More of Kie

Being a mother of two is AMAZING...I mean its tough, overwhelming and wonderful all at the same time. Jared asked me last night if I had the motherly-instinct thing of being completely and utterly in love with Kie already and the answer is YES!! He is an absolute angel...he's just so sweet. I don't know if I felt that way about KA...I know that I was completely and utterly in love with her I don't know if I felt like she was angelic. She cried a lot and was more discontent whereas Kie seems to be very laid back and mellow. I love it! Here's some more pics of our sweet little guy.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Birthday Party!

So, up until this point we have done a little family deal for Kati Ann's birthday. I'm not a big fan of BIG birthday parties for little kids because I think they are sometimes WAY overdone and more for the parents than the kids. However, because we had Kie right before Kati Ann's 3rd birthday I wanted to do something special for her birthday. So, I did all the planning ahead of time and we invited 4 of Kati Ann's friends and did a very low key party (that didn't require much for me since I had a 1 week old). It was an absolute BLAST! We have wonderful friends that helped us out and we ate pizza, cupcakes, played with a clown, and played on the playground. It was also fun to let KA choose what kind of party she wanted! She went with an Abby Cadaby party (from Sesame Street).

How cool is this cake? Its all cupcakes!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Photo Shoot

My dad got a little carried away with the camera and Kati Ann was in "the mood" to have her picture taken and began posing for pictures. She is such a ham. Here is our "model."

Zippy Sue gets Hitched

So, this is an active time in the life of my large extended family. Besides adding a new member with Kie, we are adding a new member this weekend with the marriage of one of my sweet cousins, Courtney to her Jarrett. Unfortunately, because I just had a baby and the wedding is in San Antonio, we won't be able to make it. It breaks my heart to miss her wedding as my girl cousins are like sisters to me but it is what it is. However, I still got to do my part in preparations for the Bridesmaid Brunch. With each wedding, our aunts have hosted a bridesmaid brunch and somehow my mom and I get put in charge of "the chair". Well, my mom gets put in charge and then she gets me to do it. So, she brought me the stuff and I made the decorations for the chair with the help of my friend, Kim's cricut machine and some glue and scissors. It was fun working on this project with my parents.
(p.s. "Zippy Sue" is a pet name for my sweet cousin, Courtney Sue)

Strawberry Planting

Kati Ann turned 3 on Saturday we enjoyed a fun day of celebrations though she is going to have her very first "real" birthday party on Thursday with her friends. It was really cool to have my parents here for Kati Ann's birthday this year. As one of Kati Ann's gifts, my parents gave Kati Ann strawberries to plant. Kati Ann is a real "gardener" and loves to pick strawberries when she's in Kilgore at my parents. So, the three of them planted the strawberries so we could have our very own. Hopefully, we can actually pull that off because they are supposed to be watered EVERY DAY! I don't water anything EVERY DAY! So, wish us luck