Thursday, October 30, 2008

Boy, am I thrifty

So, I decided to do a little bargain hunting and man, did I hit the jackpot. Lots of times I go and find nothing but let me tell you about all of my great finds.

Brand New Pillow Shams (from Target because they donate all of their clearance items to Goodwill) $1/sham
Barney Slippers (too small for KA but she loves Barney and plays with them) $2
Pink Slippers (KA can actually wear) $1
Used Beach Cruiser Bicycle that I've really been wanting $25

Thrift Store
Booster Seat $3
Barney toy $1
Almost new Disney Princess Bicycle Helmet for KA $1
Puzzle $1

Just Call me "Crafty"

So, a lady I go to church with gave me an idea to make t-shirts with iron-ons. I went to Hobby Lobby and got some adorable iron-ons and made KA some cute little shirts. I made one other shirt which was actually my favorite but I wasn't able to get a picture of it.