Sunday, April 18, 2010

One of the Perks

Jared & I decided early on that we wanted our children to feel like it was a privilege to have your parents in ministry instead of a burden. There are plenty of downsides and sacrifices made by minister's kids so we try to allow Kati Ann to enjoy some of the "perks" of ministry whenever she can. Today was one of those special days for Kati Ann. One of my girl's Sunday School classes hosted a "tea party" as part of their lesson today. I asked if it would be okay if Kati Ann attended. Kati Ann LOVES tea parties and we have them at home often at snack time. The girls loved the idea that Kati Ann was coming and so I went and picked up Kati Ann from her Sunday School class just for a little while so she could enjoy a tea party with the "big girls". She loved it. She quickly realized she had an audience and "performed" for everyone. It was so fun for Kati Ann and for me!


Jenna said...

So sweet! I so agree with what you are saying about kids with parents in the ministry. I never want our boys to feel like going to church is just something we do because that is where Daddy works. Looks like Kait Ann had a great time!

kaw said...

Love Kati Ann's dress! And her big bow!! You know how I feel about smocked things and big bows!! :) She seriously looks precious!!!

Funderstorm said...

I cannot get over how big she looks. Wow. You look always. Miss you!

Anonymous said...

I love what God has done in your lives! She is so blessed to have you two for parents. Looks like it was a blast.

kelkel1998 said...

totally understand!! I always let Rob do fun stuff with the teenagers. Only problem he does not realize he is a child!! :) what a blessing though