Saturday, January 31, 2009

A long-awaited piece of furniture

When we did our big remodel (the one when we took down all the walls), I sacrificed my desk knowing that I would have to have something to replace it but not knowing exactly what I wanted. So, the contents of my desk were in rubbermaid containers in the garage and most inconvenient when I needed something to work with. So after envisioning what I wanted, hunting countless furniture stores & internet sites to find just the "right" piece that fit my "vision" (after almost a year) I finally have a piece to hold the contents of my desk. I absolutely love it!! It is exactly what I envisioned. Now all of my desk contents have a home (inside the house).


kaw said...

love it!

Bonnie said...

OOOH I love that! Where did you get it??? I need something like that for my entry/kitchen/living room area. And where did you get the words for the wall? Love that too!

Angela said...

Very nice! Looks great there... and I did have to look closely to see that wedding photo - Jared with hair!