Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Daddy's gone to Japan

So, Jared left for Japan on Tuesday and its just me and KA. Its no fun because now I have to get up with her at night. Jared usually gets up...I had gotten to the point that he heard her before I did!!

Anyway, we do miss him for more reasons than that.

KA rolled over for the first time today. I've been so guilty of not giving her enough tummy time or opportunity to roll over so I decided that today I would do better. She laid on her tummy for about 2 minutes and rolled right over!!

We go Friday for our 4 month check up...lots of fun because they give you yucky shots.


Funderstorm said...

I'm so excited that you're blogging! I don't keep up with mine as much as I'd like, but I love doing it and checking out what's going on with my friends. Missing you and praying for your single parenting stent (sp?). LUVYAMEANIT!!

Ashley said...

Hey BA! KA is absolutely adorable! Yeah for rolling over. :) Why is Jared in Japan?

Unknown said...

Jared is in Japan on a mission trip until September 29.

Ashley said...

I'll be praying for him and for you!!!