Monday, April 23, 2012

Star Student Week & A Sleepover

This is a special week for Kati Ann. She gets to be the star student at school. That's a pretty big deal. It starts with bring "Buddy" home for the weekend. Buddy is a stuffed dog that all the students got to bring home for a weekend. Buddy went virtually everywhere Kati Ann went.
During Star Student week Kati Ann gets to be the leader all week, choose the prayer for the food, tell everyone what the weather is like and be the Teacher helper for the whole week. It's pretty special to be the star student. We also bring a star student snack for the whole class. KA wanted to make blue & pink cookies (blue for the boys & pink for the girls). So, we added some food coloring to some sugar cookie dough & we had our snack.
On top of getting to be star student, KA had her first friend sleepover. After ballet on Thursday, Greta Russo came over & spent the night. They haddock much fun & both did so well.
When did my girl get so grown up?

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Charlotte said...

I can not believe she has grown so fast. I have been so blessed to watch this little girl grow up. Thanks for sharing your gift from God with all of us!