Saturday, August 20, 2011

A Nail Tale

As my mom likes to say, "Where there is a Cargill, there is a story" and I often prove that statement to be true.
So, I have a certain place that I like to go get pedicures. It is owned by a sweet little Asian couple and they are the only 2 people that work there. The man does pedicures and the woman does manicures.
One day, I was getting a pedicure by the nice Asian man when this guy (we'll call him "Body Builder Guy") walks in and sits down next to the Asian man. He starts a friendly conversation in which they include me in on. They knew each other from the gym. The Body Builder guy tells me that he does pedicures and has done them since he was 14! Needless to say, I was surprised. He continued to sit there and chat it up. Some other customers come in and sit down to get pedicures and Body Builder guy makes himself right at home and starts their water and gets their massage chair going. Let me remind you, he doesn't work there! The Asian man finishes my feet except for painting my toenails and Body Builder guy offers to paint them for his Asian friend so the Asian man could move on to another customer. This put the Asian man in an awkward situation. He didn't want to be rude to the Body Builder guy but again...he didn't work there! So, I tried to ease the situation but telling him that would be okay and he actually did a pretty good job.
But how often do you go get a pedicure and it goes like this?

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Anonymous said...

That cracks me up!! You really do always have a great story. :)
So glad you are back blogging. I have missed hearing from you. How is the fam? Growing like weeds I am sure!
Lots of love and many hugs!