Sunday, August 22, 2010

Just Some Stuff from the Kati Ann

Kati Ann is changing and growing up so much! Just a couple of things she has said recently:

I was getting dressed for a wedding and I put on a pair of black peep-toe heels. Kati Ann loves heels and is constantly playing dress up in my closet with my heels. So, I walked downstairs
Bobi Ann: What do you think, Kati Ann?
Kati Ann (in a teenager kind of voice): "Where did you get those shoes?"
Bobi Ann: "Out of my closet"
Kati Ann: "Hold on"
She proceeded to go upstairs and come down with some brown pointy-toe heels
Kati Ann: "Try these"
So, I put them on and she looked at me and said
"Now THAT'S cute!"

On the way home from church Sunday night she said to Kie
KA: "Kie, do you know something?"
Of course, Kie can't respond so I said, "What do you know, Kati Ann"
KA: "God"

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Funderstorm said...

Precious memories. You'll be so glad you wrote them down.