Saturday, June 26, 2010

Family Swim

This week has been incredibly crazy for us and not necessarily a favorite! It has been the week before Jared's camp and so he has been a little stressed and certainly busy. I've been busy getting my camp together as well (though I have a couple of more weeks) along with some extra stuff that got tacked on to the week. We managed to have a babysitter at the house at some point during the day EVERY day this week. KA usually loves babysitters but even she had enough of the craziness by the end of the week and was ready for some "just us" time. So by Saturday we were ready to curl up in our little family cocoon and spend some real time together.
We decided it would be fun to start our "just us" family day at the swimming pool. We are really blessed to have a neighborhood pool that KA has been taking swimming lessons at and we all 4 headed down there and had so much fun. KA is quite the swimmer now and blows us away by what she can do in the pool ("by herself" as she likes to say). Kie really likes the water as well. He floats around in his little float and sleeps!

Kie finally had enough and was ready to nap outside of the pool!
Billie enjoyed a little swimming at home while we were at the pool!


Jenna said...

looks like yall are enjoying your summer! It seems like you are adjusting really well to have 2 little ones as well...Kie is just too the little cheeks!

Mark & Kristin Walker said...

the float thing for Kie is so cool! where did you get it?