Tuesday, March 23, 2010


So, I don't actually watch the show LOST, though I know that there are those that do and schedule their week around seeing the new episodes. I get that...I have my own shows I like to watch though due to a certain little girl I have to DVR and wait to watch sometimes a week late. But, back to the point that has absolutely nothing to do with TV shows.
Today, is 5 weeks to the day until my due date and I am in full "preparation" mode. I've pulled out all sorts of things we had from having KA. I've done some shopping, we've painted the nursery and we are well on our way. However, as I've journeyed through this process of preparing for our little Kie-man, I've discovered some pretty important things that we have not been able to locate. Jared & I have searched high and low (the attic and the garage) along with any available box we can find to no avail. (Reminder: we moved in September so things have gotten shifted around!) However, we have managed to misplace one item that is at this point irreplaceable. What could be irreplaceable you ask? Well, the rods to the crib. We went to put together the crib last night and discovered that we had all the parts except the rods. These are the steel rods that hold the sides of the crib to the ends (kind of important).
So, Jared got all the information (model no., etc) and called the company this morning to try to order replacement parts and discovered that they don't make them anymore and even if they did they couldn't sell them to us because our crib is "older" and the technology now is newer and safer. Blah. Blah. Blah. We were blessed to be given the crib and changing table we have so we don't have any money invested in it but still...we're now in search for a "new" crib. If you have any suggestions...we're open.


Funderstorm said...

Ug....oh, the joys... good luck. I've been out of the "baby things" business for quite a while. :)

Jenna said...

That is so crazy! Sorry we still have 2 in cribs at the moment!:) I hope you find one for your little Kie-man. When do we get to see pictures of his little room? Not much longer until he is here...prayers for a happy delivery.