Thursday, November 19, 2009

And the winner is...

I really wanted to do something cute to announce our little guy's name. My cousin's wife, Jennifer, made a cute video with their older child to announce his little brother's name but since we're not telling Kati Ann about the baby yet I didn't think that was a good idea. And well, that was as far as my creativity could take me. So, we've decided we're just going to tell people the normal just telling.
Jared and I have talked about a name for a while and finally settled on one last week. We kept it under wraps so we could practice saying it and make sure we really liked it as well as making sure we agreed on a spelling. So, last night we decided that we were sure. Our sweet little boy's name is (drum roll please):

Kie Matthew Allen

We can start monogramming now!!


Funderstorm said...

It has a nice ring to it. I've never heard it before...does it have a special meaning?

BTW, when are you planning to tell KA about the baby?

Jenna said...

Love it!! Of course I do have a thing for "K" is really cute. Congrats again. You won't believe how snuggly baby boys are...they just really love their mamas!

Anonymous said...

It's true baby boys love their mommas! I am so excited for ya'll. Love and miss all of you.