Monday, September 14, 2009

Good Bye Old House


This week is our final week in the house we bought when moving to Huntsville. We've made so many memories in this house and have actually lived in it longer than any house Jared & I have lived in during our married life. I've been kinda sentimental about leaving this house because we started our own "Adventure with Kati Ann" here. Jared & I have continued to grow as a couple and parents here. Not to mention, I broke my arm in this house and for this house!
I'm grateful for our sweet little house where we introduced Kati Ann to our family and transformed this house into our home.
So, "Thank you, Old House! We've enjoyed your comfort and we'll cherish the memories we made with you"
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Funderstorm said...

I completely understand. I still find myself thinking fondly of my Old House. I don't have too many family memories without it being in the midst. Moving on to make more memories...

Love you~R

kaw said...

Great picture of your house! Greenleaf and the Watkins will miss you. So glad you're just moving a little ways down the road!