Saturday, May 9, 2009

Charlotte's House is a Blast!

Friday was Jared's 30th Birthday! Yes, one of us is now in our 30's! For Jared's 30th, we went to 6 Flags together (pre-Kati Ann days it was a favorite past time)! So, Kati Ann spent a couple of days with Charlotte! I looked at these pictures and thought "Charlotte's house is a blast!" Why wouldn't she want to be at Charlotte's? I'm ever so grateful to Charlotte & Darren for allowing Jared & I time to celebrate without worrying about Kati Ann. Thanks Charlotte & Darren!

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Funderstorm said...

Holy Cow! He's OLD!!!!! LOL. Happy Bday to him. The Prince was just talking fondly about him...missing him. He's one of a kind. Love you all~