Thursday, January 31, 2008

Flu With the Flu Shot

So, Kati Ann got sick on Tuesday on the same day that Jared's mom came to stay with Kati Ann so we could go on staff retreat. I wasn't too worried because I was sure that it was just a little congestion and we could get over it by the time we left on Thursday. However, she wasn't getting better. She was getting worse. We were up most of the night on Wednesday night and so we took her to the dr. on Thursday. We got there and I was sure they would tell me it was nothing serious but they tested her for the flu and sure enough it was a positive result. The irony of it all is SHE GOT A FLU SHOT!!
Needless to say we aren't on staff retreat and Jared's mom is here helping play nursemaid to KA & Jared (I forgot to mention he's sick too)!

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Bonnie said...

How awful. I hate it when they get sick. At least they do get better soon. I hope you all feel better...and you don't get sick.