Saturday, May 12, 2012

A New Life

With Mother's Day just a few hours away, I began to reflect on my life before and since becoming a mom.  Five years ago, almost to the day, I gave birth to our first child and my life was changed dramatically.  However, its funny with the first how I still tried to hold on to some aspects of my pre-child life.  Though over time, I realized that my life was a stark contrast to the life I lived before bringing a new life into the world.  Not only is my schedule, check book, car and standard of cleanliness different, but I'm different.  I recognize that though I might have some of the same personality traits...I'm a different person.  With the birth of Kati Ann came the birth of a new me.
How similar is that to our relationship with Jesus.  When He entered the picture, I got a new life.  One that gave me a different perspective and leash on life.  I have purpose and satisfaction in the person of Jesus.  In Him, I find approval, acceptance and affection.  My needs are met in the person of Jesus.  But just as I tried to hold on to some of the things of my previous pre-child life...I sometimes try to grab hold of my things from the old Bobi Ann.  I pick up some of the insecurities or worldly pursuits that marked my previous life and try to make them somehow fit with my new life in Jesus but they don't.  It doesn't work.
Mother's Day usually makes me think of the joys of having sweet kids that mess up my house and give me more laundry than I could have imagined but I was just reminded today about the fact that they gave me a new me...alot like Jesus did.  I'm thankful for both.


Jenna said...

Great post BA! Hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day!

Funderstorm said...

I love it! So true, yet so many of us try to be what we were and not grow into who Father wants us to be.

BTW, love the blog look. How do I get mine to look like this?