Saturday, May 12, 2012

Ballet 2012

Jared & I have some strong opinions about kids and extracurricular activities and so when Kati Ann approached us about wanting to take ballet, we were a little hesitant.  We really didn't want to start her in anything so young.  However, she didn't just ask once.  She continued to ask and virtually begged.   So, we gave it serious consideration.
I had heard of this sweet little ballet program at Whitesburg Baptist Church that met for one hour, once a week.  It was a relaxed atmosphere that just allowed the girls to enjoy themselves without being competitive or overly serious about it.  
So, we signed her up and it turned out being such a blessing for all of us.  Besides Kati Ann getting to dance every week, I made a precious friend with one of the other moms that I cherish.  We hung out at the indoor playground in the building where KA took lessons and Kie got to have a great time.  It was all around such a positive experience.  I'm so glad that we did it and as you can see Kati Ann truly enjoyed herself.  We're planning on continuing next year in the same program.
They had a little recital at the end of the year where the 5 classes danced to some precious worship songs. The whole recital lasted 30 minutes and my girl enjoyed every second.  I thought she looked gorgeous and we were so proud of her.

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