Saturday, October 30, 2010

Trick or Treat!

Our church puts on a fantastic Fall Festival every year. Of course the older Kati Ann gets the more she enjoys it! It was fun to dress both kids up in coordinating costumes as the Princess and the Frog. There was lots to do but the highlight was seeing Belle and Cinderella. Kati Ann was enamored by Cinderella. When we got home from the Fall Festival and had supper, Kati Ann thanked God that Belle and Cinderella were there! It was precious!
the best picture we could get with Kati Ann & her princesses!

Kati Ann & Kie with their friend, Reagan aka Snow White
playing on one of the inflatables!

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Sarah said...

Cute! An older elementary school age bro and sis pair had the same idea and they were my favorite trick-or-treaters of the night!