Monday, October 18, 2010

Just Some Things I've been Thinking About

This post really has no significant purpose other than to share some things that I've been thinking about or experienced that are totally random:

1. So, every morning on my way to take Kati Ann to preschool, we see this woman walking her dog in a stroller. I mean, what? Are the dog's legs broken? Its a dog...let the dog walk!

2. The other day I was walking past the playground at KA's preschool (its right next to the house where Jared offices) and a bunch of 4 year olds were singing, "We all live in a yellow submarine!" at the top of their lungs. I thought that was Fantastic! I mean, they're four. Where do they get this stuff? If its from their preschool teacher, that teacher ROCKS!

3. I'm driving down the road and see a campaign sign to elect some person as Coroner. I thought to myself, "Is that really a position that is chosen by popularity? Shouldn't that be something that someone is hired based on their credentials and chosen by someone that actually understands what those credentials mean? How many people in the general public actually know what kind of credentials a Coroner should have?" Please feel free to enlighten me on this one. If there is some reason that we elect a Coroner that I'm missing please let me know.

There you go...just some thoughts that were crossing my mind!


Jenna said...

Love the random thoughts! It reminds me of the time we saw a boy walking his goat on a leash and his dog just walking on his own without a leash...crazy! Hope you have a great week!

kaw said...

in my opinion it's like electing a sheriff. also, shouldn't they be kind of working their way up by the number of lives their saving (slightly different than the coroner...).

Funderstorm said...

I am Laughing OUT LOUD! I can totally hear you making these comments!

Thanks for sharing. :) Brightened my day.