Thursday, August 5, 2010

Our Sweet Girl

Dear Kati Ann,
I don't tell you enough how much I appreciate what a precious child you are. You have a genuine love for life. Even at the age of 3, you are fun to hang out with. Just last night, the two of us laid in my bed and giggled when you should have been going to sleep.
You are such a big helper with your little brother and one day will be an amazing mother yourself. You are very nurturing!
God made you so special! He knew you before you were born. He loves you more than Daddy & I do (which is hard for us to imagine).
We pray daily that God will turn your heart to Him and give you a love for Him. We pray that He will guide us as we try to guide you to be a godly young lady. We won't get it all right, Sweet One, but we trust God to get it right!
We love you so much!! Thank you for giving us joy beyond what we could have dreamed!



Tears! Aren't little girls just the sweetest thing! She is so precious. I know she has her daddy wrapped.

Funderstorm said...

Oh friend, let me encourage you to keep writing letters to your kids. Not only does it help you to remember the things you want to treasure, but it is a tangible reminder of what God is doing in their lives as well as yours. I try to write one every year to my kids on their birthday or Christmas. As they get older...I keep them because they tend to put them in a non-safe place even if they have a "safe" place. LOL. You know how kids are.
KA is beautiful like her mommy and I am enjoying watching her grow through your eyes. Thanks for keeping a blog for those of us who can't be near you like we want.
Much love~R

Emily said...

This is such a sweet post. I've read it about 3 times! Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...
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