Wednesday, August 18, 2010

1st Theatre Movie

This weekend we decided to take Kati Ann & Kie to their very first theatre movie. Last week, we showed Kati Ann her first full-length movie at home to see how she would do. She really enjoyed it and so we decided she was ready. We hit Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner and then Jared bought our tickets to see Despicable Me and the 4 of us headed into the theatre. I strolled Kie in expecting he would sleep most of the movie. We were sitting in the section usually designated for wheelchairs and I parked the stroller. About 15 minutes into the movie, I looked over and Kie's eyes were wide open. So, I decided to turn his stoller where he could see the screen. I thought he might watch it a little and doze off. Instead, Kie watched almost the entire movie. I couldn't believe it...he didn't make a sound the whole time. There was one point that I had Kati Ann & Kie both in my lap! It was precious!
Despicable Me is an excellent movie with an wonderful story line. Jared had actually already seen it and was excited to take us to it! We loved it and made some sweet memories!

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