Monday, May 3, 2010

Strawberry Planting

Kati Ann turned 3 on Saturday we enjoyed a fun day of celebrations though she is going to have her very first "real" birthday party on Thursday with her friends. It was really cool to have my parents here for Kati Ann's birthday this year. As one of Kati Ann's gifts, my parents gave Kati Ann strawberries to plant. Kati Ann is a real "gardener" and loves to pick strawberries when she's in Kilgore at my parents. So, the three of them planted the strawberries so we could have our very own. Hopefully, we can actually pull that off because they are supposed to be watered EVERY DAY! I don't water anything EVERY DAY! So, wish us luck

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Funderstorm said...

That is a GREAT gift to give! My little gardener would have loved it, too!

BTW, I spy a Sonic cup...hmmm...just wishing at this moment for a large Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper.