Thursday, May 6, 2010

Birthday Party!

So, up until this point we have done a little family deal for Kati Ann's birthday. I'm not a big fan of BIG birthday parties for little kids because I think they are sometimes WAY overdone and more for the parents than the kids. However, because we had Kie right before Kati Ann's 3rd birthday I wanted to do something special for her birthday. So, I did all the planning ahead of time and we invited 4 of Kati Ann's friends and did a very low key party (that didn't require much for me since I had a 1 week old). It was an absolute BLAST! We have wonderful friends that helped us out and we ate pizza, cupcakes, played with a clown, and played on the playground. It was also fun to let KA choose what kind of party she wanted! She went with an Abby Cadaby party (from Sesame Street).

How cool is this cake? Its all cupcakes!

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Jenna said...

So fun! Happy Birthday Kati Ann! I can relate...we had Kaden's party the week after Kolson was born...crazy but lots of fun! You look great!