Thursday, August 22, 2013

!st Grade

Monday was the start of a whole new season of our life.  Kati Ann started 1st grade at Farley Elementary.  Her teacher's name is Mrs. Melton and she loves school.  The very first thing she said to me when she got home was "Mom, can I eat lunch in the cafeteria?"  She thought it was great that they had hot lunch and CHOCOLATE MILK!  So, she ate cafeteria lunch on Wednesday and thought she was big time!
Tuesday morning Jared took Kati Ann to school and had to walk in to put money on her account in the cafeteria and she said to him, "Dad, can't you just drop me off?  I can walk in by myself!"  Of course he explained that he was going in to drop of money in the cafeteria but we were so pleased by her independence.
She is adjusting beautifully to the new school schedule.
In fact, we are all adjusting well.  I was probably most nervous about my own personal adjustment to a new routine but now I understand why parents get so excited when their kids go to school.  I'm kinda digging this new school schedule!  However, I do miss my girl during the day but I'm so glad that she loves it.

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