Saturday, March 31, 2012

Atlanta-Part 1

For Spring Break, Jared was heading to Costa Rica on a mission trip and me and the kids were heading to Texas. Since, we were going to be apart for several days, we decided it would be fun to take a little family getaway to Atlanta. We picked the kids up from preschool on a Wednesday and drove to Atlanta.
We decided it would be fun to take the Marta Train. It would be a new experience for our kids and Kati Ann really enjoyed it.

Our first stop on Thursday was the Georgia Aquarium. It was so cool. All four of us really enjoyed seeing all the amazing underwater life. It was really fun.

As fun as the aquarium was it was exhausting. The kids BOTH fell asleep as we walked to the Marta train and remained asleep the whole ride back and into the hotel. I placed both of them in the bed in the hotel and we all took a good nap!

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