Saturday, October 1, 2011

A Momma Break

This past weekend, I had a wonderful opportunity to enjoy some of my favorite ladies as well being refreshed and become better equipped as a mom. I went the first annual .MOM conference put on by Lifeway. It was in Birmingham and I went with some of my dear friends that I don't get to hang out with nearly enough. It was an amazing time with excellent speakers and powerful worship.
However, I have to take a minute to describe to you the highlight of the whole event for me! THE DUGGARS WERE THERE! Okay, before you roll your eyes, I need to expound. I have periodically watch the TV series 17, 18, or 19 Kids and Counting and enjoyed it. I'm not at all a "super-fan." Though, I've watched Josh and Anna get married and actually seen Anna birth both of her babies (on TV of course). I have never considered myself very impressed with "celebrities" or one to be star struck but I was. I was so excited to see them and for some reason they didn't seem to have the same reaction to seeing me. I mean, I felt like we were friends. I should be walking up to Anna saying "Hey girl, how are the kids?" I was with her when she birthed them, remember? I did walk up and talk to one of them but to be honest I felt too much like a creeper to have my picture taken with them. I mean, you don't do that with friends, right? Good friends don't have to take their pictures with each other especially when all those other people are!

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The Gillaspie Family said...

Oh how fun to get away!! And the Duggars? hehehee...that's a celebrity sighting for sure!!