Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Early Christmas Present

Christmas came a little early this year at our house. Jared & I had decided we wanted to get the kids a playset for Christmas. We had decided how much we wanted to spend and that meant we were going to have to get a used one. We searched Craigslist and finally found one that wasn't sold before we ever got to it. So on Thanksgiving day, Jared & I went and looked at it. It was well-used but with a little elbow grease we felt like it would work. So, we bought it.
The Saturday after Thanksgiving, we spent the day painting and putting together our "new" playset. Jared & I worked super hard while the kids napped to finish it up so that there was a little time to play on it. Unfortunately only one child woke up in time to play on it!! The other had a REALLY long nap!
KA worked hard to make her playset look nice!

Check out those "work/painting" clothes!

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