Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A Honorary Member of the Girls' Club

While we were in Texas last week, it worked out for me to go on the annual shopping trip that the ladies in my family enjoy going on. I was very faithful to go before we moved to Alabama so it was such a treat for me to get to go. However, since I'm still nursing Kie, he went as a honorary member. We all agreed that though he was an angel...this would be his last trip! It is girls only!!

My VERY favorite girls in the world!

Shopping will wear you out!!
He had to have a little siesta along the way!

This little man was such a trooper!
He just had fun looking around and loving on all the girls!


Anonymous said...

Girl your cousins have not changed one bit. You look great! It was wonderful getting to see your family, but I missed you!! I just loved on KA and told her to give you a hug. She is so sweet. You guys are so blessed. Glad you got to hang out with the girls.

Jenna said...

Sounds like fun to me!! Where do you guys go on this shopping trip? My mom and Aunts come up every year to shop at fun! I promise Kie gets cuter (if that is a word:) every time you post a picture of that little smile!