Thursday, September 16, 2010

I had to share with you about this because my great friend, Kim, told me about E-Mealz and I decided to try it out and have discovered I love it! I've never been one to plan meals very well. But with e-mealz it does all the work for me. It plans meals at the grocery store, I choose, based on what they have on sale that week. That's a no brainer. Not only am I saving money because I shop smarter, but I actually have a plan for our meals whereas, I kinda tended to just wing it every week. You can click the picture above and check it out for yourself. I know I sound like an advertisement and I don't really mean to its just that I didn't even know this existed and its totally changed our meals (plus it has gotten us out of a rut of eating the same things all the time)!

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The Gillaspie Family said...

I did this last year and loved it, execpt they didn't base it on sales in Texas. It was nice, though, to not have to think out the week!