Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Bald and Beautiful

People can go bald for all different reasons. Sometimes it is genetics, an illness or by choice. Not often can one say they are bald because of their mother. Well, sweet Kie now can make that claim.
If you know me (I mean REALLY know me), you won't be surprised when I tell this story. I pulled, what has become affectionately know as a "Bobi Ann". This is when I do things without completely thinking it through (like pouring bubble bath in a jacuzzi bathtub and turning on the jets)!
So, yesterday morning I was looking at the back of Kie's head and noticed that the bottom looked like a tail so I thought I would trim it a bit. So, I began trimming and it didn't look good so I tried to fix it by trimming some more. This cycle continued until the only way I could think of to make it all look even was to use Jared's beard & mustache trimmer (I don't have to say it!) I hadn't ever used one of those before and didn't understand all the numbers on it and used the shortest setting and it began taking ALL of Kie's hair off. I didn't know what else to do but to do his whole head.
So, what we have is a 2 bald men in our house. One because he really was losing his hair, the other because his mom can't leave well enough alone. It is a good thing we love bald men here!


Kris T said...

That made me laugh! He certainly makes bald look good! :)

kaw said...

hahahahahahahahahahaha! one of the reasons that i love being your friend!

Bonnie said...

Haha!!! Did you know I buzzed Lincoln's hair a few weeks ago??

Anonymous said...

Shut up! That cracks me up!!!! He looks even more like his dad now.

Anonymous said...

Let me add he is still adorable even with no hair!!-flea